I spent two nights in Addis and, as always, I’m charmed by the attention and hospitality I receive while traveling in Africa. Most people are courteous; sometimes prompted by my direct stare when bumped in the shuffle. Of course, it’s assumed I’m a local by observation, but when one asks a question or hears my American ‘accent,’ curiosity is heightened.

I try to sometimes forget what I think I know, be open to learning when traveling in foreign countries. I am staying at Debradam Hotel, a short drive near the airport. This trip I haven’t ventured much far beyond the hotel.

I’m now feeling especially lucky that Namibia chose me to make my home there. I’m spoiled a bit, I think. I don’t mind the layover but ready to get to work! I feel relatively safe here overall; security and staff are working around the clock attending to guests. Next visit I’ll have to pre-arrange things to do/see; I hear the national museum is a must-see.

Views from my hotel window

Nashville native, Fisk University graduate and CEO, Sara Davis formed SFI in 2013. She believes that combined good will and the intentional use of resources will eliminate society’s most troubling and penetrating ill POVERTY. She saw poverty first hand during her time as a Peace Corps volunteer. Davis has more than ten years experience in financial sales, management, and business development. SFI's company goal of eliminating poverty is driven by Sara's team approach.

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