Semi-productive week at the farm, but would like to be further along than where we are. I remind myself I’m working with two guys, one has little experience with labor work, the other is ok…but yeah.
I’m all in, and have to be with them to ensure work gets done. A few pics of what got done this week:
Bolting frame took long broken bits… have to go to Windhoek to buy more, and that kills 4 or 5 hours in the day…taxi, hitchhike, whatever works…we finally finished this part this week.
The area is now fenced, protected from the animals grazing nearby.
Putting the walls on the tank…not yet finished with the tedious process…a labor of faith and love.

Nashville native, Fisk University graduate and CEO, Sara Davis formed SFI in 2013. She believes that combined good will and the intentional use of resources will eliminate society’s most troubling and penetrating ill POVERTY. She saw poverty first hand during her time as a Peace Corps volunteer. Davis has more than ten years experience in financial sales, management, and business development. SFI's company goal of eliminating poverty is driven by Sara's team approach.

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