I can hear the voice of my mentor and friend, Will Allen, who has mastered the practice of aquaponic farming, saying, “Sara you’ve done well, and there is still more to learn.” To that end, I am starting with a small number of fish to test the system before stocking the tank to full capacity so we can effectively meet the tremendous demand that exists here.

I met a seafood shipper today who asked if I could fill an order for 20 tons of tilapia a month and I’m like, dude, I don’t even have a truck yet.

The mornings are so, so cold. This is me at 6am yesterday at the farm, trying to warm up with tea. It was 13c/55f, but it feels like 30f with the wind blowing. They tell me June will be even colder.

Nashville native, Fisk University graduate and CEO, Sara Davis formed SFI in 2013. She believes that combined good will and the intentional use of resources will eliminate society’s most troubling and penetrating ill POVERTY. She saw poverty first hand during her time as a Peace Corps volunteer. Davis has more than ten years experience in financial sales, management, and business development. SFI's company goal of eliminating poverty is driven by Sara's team approach.

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