Heading Home to Visit, but First a Side Trip

Before flying out, I decided to spend an extra day in South Africa, reconnecting with a young lady doing major things in aquaculture in SA. Mrs. Portia and I met last year in Cape Town, at the World Aquaculture Conference,  at that time she was early at creating a cooperative for Sub-Saharan fish farmers.

Tonight I had dinner with her and family, and they served me a 400-gram, whole tilapia! I stuffed myself trying to eat the whole damn thing, and it was so so good! Baked in butter, served with pop, butternut squash and spinach. I’ll try my best to at least bring some pop (maze mill) back on the flight.  This is actually the first time I’ve eaten tilapia here this year.

In this picture, we are visiting a primary school in Johannesburg that has incorporated aquaponics into their teaching curriculum. They actually have a small garden on the campus where kids spend learning planting and managing the system. The administrators say this is the best thing they’ve done especially for students who have difficulties staying focused in traditional class settings.

My mind is racing with ideas and excitement. Am ready to take this up 20 notches, adding supporters who are interested in social change and profits. It’s almost 2:00 AM and I am far from sleepy! Can’t stop thinking…Nashville get ready!

So inspired by my visit with Portia (right)
Today’s work is visiting this commercial farm in Johannesburg
Food, food, and more food
Soil from sugar cane

Nashville native, Fisk University graduate and CEO, Sara Davis formed SFI in 2013. She believes that combined good will and the intentional use of resources will eliminate society’s most troubling and penetrating ill POVERTY. She saw poverty first hand during her time as a Peace Corps volunteer. Davis has more than ten years experience in financial sales, management, and business development. SFI's company goal of eliminating poverty is driven by Sara's team approach.

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