We can’t change our reality with hopes and dreams alone. Accountability matters. I’ve hired two more people and have a solid staff/team busy at the farm.
I am on my way to the farm and will stay there for the rest of the week….maybe by month’s end, I’ll have a car!
For now, I am giving away the produce we have believing God is happy with things. I tried to coordinate transportation to deliver to the local shop but it didn’t work out. And it’s a big hassle. So until the car comes, I’ll be working to perfect our growth of the wheatgrass and other microgreens.
I hired my first woman two weeks ago! It’s nice having her on board.  Josephine does most all of the watering and is being trained on growing microgreens…today should be a good one.
Cucumbers crawling
This chocolate mint gives off the best smell!

Nashville native, Fisk University graduate and CEO, Sara Davis formed SFI in 2013. She believes that combined good will and the intentional use of resources will eliminate society’s most troubling and penetrating ill POVERTY. She saw poverty first hand during her time as a Peace Corps volunteer. Davis has more than ten years experience in financial sales, management, and business development. SFI's company goal of eliminating poverty is driven by Sara's team approach.

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